Charity Benefit Fundraising

Hosting a Virtual Event


Virtual fundraising events bring with them a whole new set of challenges, not the least of which is keeping your audience engaged while they’re in a different room!

Professional virtual event host and auctioneer Zan Aufderheide has all the answers for you for all of these topics, here's a list of topics we'll discuss on our call:

Start by evaluating the available platforms to determine which is most compatible with your event goals without making things too complicated for your participants.

  1. If you want the event to have a very polished look, we recommend hiring a professional AV company. If a more casual feel is appropriate, you could handle that part yourself.
  2. Virtual programs should be shorter and more streamlined than your typical live event, especially the fundraising portion. Consider which elements of the program are essential and which elements you should save for your next live event.
  3. Determine whether elements that have distinguished your live events in the past can be translated into a virtual space. Examples of signature touches that can translate well include a celebrity MC or a prize that has become synonymous with your event.
  4. If a pre-recorded event is more feasible for your team, make sure that you can do it in a way that still delivers a good experience for your guests.
  5. Having a live chat feature is a great way for participants to ask questions during the program, but make sure that one or more team members are ready to respond.
  6. Let your guests know ahead of time that your virtual event will be best enjoyed on a desktop or laptop, but they’ll still need a mobile device for bidding (or donating).
  7. Your pre-event communications should explain how to register and log in, they should outline the program, and answer any other questions your guests might have.
  8. Use social media as part of your pre-event communication strategy as well as during and after the event. One way to engage participants is to ask them to post pictures of themselves participating in the event on your social media channels.
  9. If you’re able to secure a match from a board member or stakeholder, promote it in advance. Knowing that their donations will go further will help motivate your guests.

If you have any questions about hosting a virtual fundraising event call 941.350.8780.

We’re here to help you make your virtual event a real-life success.